šŸŽ„ Welcome to "Capturing Soundwaves: An Audio-Visual Journey" Tutorial! šŸŽ¬ In this tutorial, we explore captivating audio-reactive visuals using Cinema 4D, Mograph, X-Particles, xpInfectio, and xpSound. Learn the art of mastering subframe steps and achieving precision through iterations. Discover how to craft mesmerizing visuals perfectly synced with sound!
šŸ”¹Crucial Tip: Ensure that the "infected Particle Lifespan" in xpInfectio aligns with the number of frames in your project timeline. To clarify, if your timeline spans 510 frames, set the "infected Particle Lifespan" in xpInfectio to either 510 or a value exceeding 510. It's essential to note that the default "infected Particle Lifespan" is 300 and should never be configured for fewer frames than your total timeline count.

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