Discovering the Beauty of 3D Visuals: A Journey into the World of Tech with RowdenTech.
Mahmoud and the London-based web design company Neverbland joined forces to bring to life a remarkable
 3D visual project for tech company RowdenTech.

Through iterative rounds of feedback with RowdenTech and Neverbland design team, the project was meticulously refined to flawlessly align with their vision.

Mahmoud's expertise and creative guidance made Xparticles and Meshtools the key tool of choice, seamlessly integrated with Cinema 4D, while Redshift was employed for rendering, resulting in captivating visuals that perfectly captured RowdenTech's vision.

Navigating the differences between Neverbland's web design team's ideas and RowdenTech's unique vision, while ensuring the 3D concepts remained accessible to the technical aspects involved, posed significant challenges.

Through open communication and an iterative feedback process, Mahmoud harmonized these varying perspectives, resulting in a unified and visually captivating 3D representation.
Mahmoud Golshanirad
Web Design Agancy: 
Neverbland, London

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