Explore the creative potential of xpDeformer and xpDynamics Tag, alongside the xpCollider tag, within X-Particles. Discover how these tools enable the development of dynamic, interactive visuals. Experience fluid interactions on mobile screens, smartwatches, and sleek surfaces, each showcasing a modern tech aesthetic.

The challenge was to create smooth, interactive visuals that look great on mobile devices, smartwatches, and regular surfaces, all while maintaining a consistent and appealing tech-style appearance. Additionally, achieving the right balance of lighting for tech glass surfaces posed a significant challenge.
Result: Successfully developed dynamic interactive visuals for mobile screens, smartwatches, and sleek surfaces using xpDeformer, xpdynamics, and xpcollider tags in X-Particles. The project demonstrated modern tech designs with high-quality visuals maintained through advanced rendering and precise color management in After Effects.

Used Redshift for advanced rendering techniques to improve the final look. After Effects was used for compositing with ACEScg color, ensuring accurate and consistent colors.


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