This 3D animation was part of a 2-minute case study animated film for Sparkasse Bank's marketing team, showcasing their marketing expertise and innovation across digital channels, including mobile, PC, and social networks.

The 3D segment, created using Cinema 4D and Insydium X-particles & MeshTools, included a countdown, intro, and outro. The motion design solution saved the bank time and money while effectively communicating their message.

The process of developing this 3D Intro&Outro involves various stages, such as 
modeling, texturing, lighting, and animation.
Phase 01
The creation of Sparkasse Bank's digital cubic countdown begins with R&D, concepting, and animating the numbers and logo in the first phase, utilizing the latest tools in Cinema 4D and X-Particles.

Phase 02 : 
Phase 2 includes finalizing the countdown and logo animation with Redshift rendering, Adobe After Effects, Red Giant for compositing, and professional multi-RTX GPU rendering.

Phase 03 : 
Finalize countdown and logo intro, then create matching outro using previous R&D and 3D render looks for a one-shot camera animation from digital blocks to final logo reveal.

Mahmoud Golshanirad
Sparkasse Bank

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